Zychem Tactile Graphics

Zychem was established in 1991 with the development of the revolutionary Swell Form machine (ZyFuse) and Swell Touch paper (ZyTex), which made production of on-demand tactile graphics for the blind and visually impaired possible. Since then, we have continued to develop our products, and are recognized as the global leader in the production of equipment and supplies used to make tactile graphics for the blind and visually impaired. 

Since our inception, we have won many business awards, including the highly prestigious Queens Award. We have also won 5 SMART awards, Barclays NW exporter of the year, CBI Innovator of the year, and had the honor of our products being declared a Millennium Product – a hallmark of their innovation and quality.

Our award winning products are efficient and easy to use, which is why they are found in homes, schools and businesses throughout the world. To date, we have a customer base spanning over 90 countries worldwide.

American Thermoform Acquires Zychem LTD

Zychem is owned by American Thermoform Corporation, which is also the parent company of Braillo Norway.  American Thermoform was formed in 1962, and is a leader in the production and distribution of products for the blind and visually impaired. Braillo was established in 1980, and is recognized globally for their superior production braille embossers.

These three companies have established themselves as innovators in their respective markets within the blind and low vision community.  Since inception, their goal has been to share the benefits of braille and tactile graphics production throughout the world, while providing the highest quality products, solutions, services and support.

We invite you to explore our product lines, and to please share any comments, questions or suggestions with us directly.

To learn more about American Thermoform, please visit: https://americanthermoform.com

To learn more about Braillo, please visit https://Braillo.com

To learn more about BraillePaper.com, please visit https://braillepaper.com

Zychem Limited Locations

Zychem Limited manufactures products in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

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