Swell Form Tactile Graphics

Create fantastic tactile graphics in seconds

Creating raised tactile graphics has never been easier. With a Swell Form machine and Swell Touch paper, you can create any shape, diagram or artwork in minutes. Easy and Safe to use, it is the preferred choice of educators, artists and makers alike.

Swell Form Tactile Graphics Machine
Swell Form Pro with Tactile Documents
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Create tactile graphics faster than ever before

The Swell Form Pro is designed to meet the requirements of publishers who need to produce large quantities of tactile graphics quickly.


For the blind & visually impaired, artists and makers

Use a printer, copier or marker to either print or freehand onto Swell Touch paper, and then feed it through the Swell Form machine - all black elements will swell to create a tactile graphic.

A fantastically simple, yet effective, teaching aid for the blind and visually impaired. It can also be used for countless creative purposes.


Swell Touch paper for incredibly fast and accurate tactile graphics

Swell Touch paper is specially formulated to deliver consistent, high quality results every time.

Swell Touch paper is a superior quality product that works perfectly to easily create stunning tactile graphics. While black elements will swell, you can also add colors to the paper to create visually stunning tactile artwork.

Swell Touch Tactile Paper Page


Swell Touch markers deliver professional raised results

Our markers are formulated specifically for use with our Swell Form machine and Swell Touch paper. They are offered with thick and thin tips, giving you full creative control.

Educators, students, parents can quickly draw conceptual drawings and have a tactile teaching aid in seconds. Artists can unleash their creativity developing tactile pieces of art. Use your creativity, as the options are endless.

Swell Touch Marker Line Art
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