Swell Touch Markers

Create Custom Tactile Graphics Quickly!

Swell Touch Markers for Tactile Graphics

Specially formulated for professional results.

Get creative!

Swell Touch markers allows the user to quickly create customized tactile diagrams, artwork, charts, maps, graphs and more with the Swell Form machine and Swell Touch paper.

What makes Swell Touch markers special?

Swell Touch markers uses a specially formulated black ink that is guaranteed to work perfectly with our Swell Touch paper and Swell Form machine. The composition of the ink ensures that the raised areas are consistent in both height and texture.

Swell Touch markers were developed to ensure you have a quick and reliable method of creating tactile graphics instead of having to always use a printer/copier.

We always recommend users experiment with other types of pencils, pens and markers, however results may vary.

Swell Touch Marker Line Art
Swell Touch Marker Points for Tactile Graphics

What market options are available?

There are two Swell Touch marker options available – a thick tip, and a thin tip.

Tactile Library for Free Tactile Diagrams

Need a specific image, diagram, graph or drawing? Or want to share yours?  Choose one from the free tactile graphics library. The Tactile Library is a free tactile art library with a community that shares downloadable art and tips.

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