Zychem Distributors Program

Bringing Tactile Graphics To The World

A Respected Global Brand
Zychem is an established global brand that produces high quality tactile graphics solutions for the blind and visually impaired.  Zychem is part of American Thermoform Corporation and Braillo Norway.

Rich History with Numerous Successful Case Studies
Zychem has been serving businesses, governments, educational institutions and more since 1991 – we have an extensive reference list.

The Most Affordable Tactile Graphics Products
The Swell Form machine is a low cost machine used to produce tactile graphics for the blind and visually impaired.  Used with our Swell Touch paper and Swell Touch markers, you can create inexpensive teaching aids in seconds.

World Class Marketing
Partners gain the support of marketing strategies, as well as print and digital marketing assets – all of which are easily accessible from our partners portal.

When your customers order, WE DELIVER
When you place an order, we ship quickly.  When we give a shipping date, we meet that date.  Your customers will appreciate that when they order any Zychem product, it will be shipped immediately.

High-Level Support
Zychem offers support via telephone, online live chat, on-site service calls, and more.  All of our products come with a 3 year warranty.

Since 1991, Zychem has supplied the highest quality tactile graphics solutions on the market – we look forward to having you join our team.

Swell Form Tactile Graphics Starter Pack
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