Swell Touch Paper

Specialized Paper For Creating Tactile Graphics

Swell Touch Tactile Paper Page

Swell Touch Paper (formerly ZyTex Paper)

Creating stunning tactile graphics doesn’t need to be difficult, or take a long time. With our Swell Touch paper, you can quickly create durable graphics with varying heights, patterns, textures and colors. These graphics can be shared amongst readers over and over again. Our Swell Touch paper is recognized as the highest quality available and delivers superior results every time.

How does it work?

Swell Touch paper has two sides – a white, slightly textured side and a smooth liner. The textured side is where you will print, or draw, your graphic. This specialized coating we developed is non-toxic and safe for all.  When a black line, or carbon-based inks, are drawn on this coated paper and exposed to heat through our Swell Form machine, these black areas will swell. Colors can also be printed, or drawn, on Swell Touch paper, however, they will not swell and are typically used to make a graphic visually pleasing. The finished product is a durable tactile graphic that can be shared by many.

Swell Touch paper users guide

Learn some of the best practices for using Swell Touch paper and how to create effective tactile graphics with this clear and concise guide.

Swell Touch paper user’s guide

Swell Touch paper sizes

Swell Touch Paper for Tactile Graphics

Swell Touch paper comes in (6) standard sizes to meet your needs:

A4, B4, A3, 8.5×11″, 11×11.5″ and 11×17″

Should you need custom sizes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Create custom diagrams with Swell Touch markers

Swell Touch markers are formulated by Zychem and designed to work perfectly with Swell Touch paper.  While other markers may work, Swell Touch markers guarantee high quality tactile graphics every time.

Using a marker gives you the ability to free form graphics and diagrams in the moment, allowing educators to create conceptual graphics quickly in a classroom environment.

Artists and Makers
The mixed use of color and black raised elements creates interesting tactile art. Artists have created tactile engineering diagrams, campus maps and more.  The more creative the better!

Swell Touch Marker Points for Tactile Graphics

Tactile Library for Free Tactile Diagrams

Need a specific image, diagram, graph or drawing? Or want to share yours?  Choose one from the free tactile graphics library. The Tactile Library is a free tactile art library with a community that shares downloadable art and tips.

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